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Pirate Dreams

Australia Day Koala Truffle Pops

For those of you playing at home, this Wednesday just gone was Australia Day. Now, I'm not particularly patriotic. I have a love for the land, for the wildlife, but I wouldn't consider myself to be in love with my country. Not to the point I really celebrate Australia day, anyway. Though, do any of us really celebrate it? When we celebrate, it tends to be out of the love for a celebration, more than for some inherent patriotism.

Nevertheless, an excuse to bake is an excuse to bake. And since my heart lies with the wildlife, it was typical of me to do a dessert so themed. Hence, the koala truffles were born.

The truffles were a bit of a throw together mish mash of baking leftovers; Madeira cake, orange buttercream and white chocolate. We'll call them orange-choc truffles.

They were also dipped in grey-tinted white chocolate.

The noses were made from dark chocolate dipped espresso beans, the eyes and mouth from gel paste. The ears were piped onto baking paper and 'spiked' with a toothpick, adhered later with more chocolate. Or, as my housemate referred to it as, 'gray goo'.

My favourite part is getting to do the expressions. Though I mainly stuck to happy ones, as it is supposed to be a celebratory day after all.

Getting smooth chocolate on my truffles has been a bit of a challenge for me, but I think I'm starting to get the hang of it.

This koala has a happy.

But this one has a sad. Om nom nom.

No recipe today, sadly. I didn't follow any procedure, really. I just processed my cake scraps into crumbs, mixed in my whole batch of leftover orange-flavoured buttercream, then mixed in melted white chocolate until they were truffle-ey enough. Highly technical, clearly!

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these are soo cute. :)
Thanks so much!
And very yummy!
There's plenty left for you to nom. :P
Awh, thank you so much.