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Pirate Dreams

Home-made Strawberry Jam

I have to admit to not having had a desire to make jam before. It requires a lot more fresh fruit than my heart, or my budget, can take. I kinda feel like I'd rather just eat the fruit. Perhaps this has got to do with the fact that I'm not a great fan of jam. We never had it in the house growing up. It's only my boyfriend's love of this breakfast condiment that has me trying and slowly acquiring a taste for it. But with all that said, I'd never had home made jam before.

I've moved! You'll now find the rest of this post here at the brand new Cakecrumbs


The title in the recipe says red velvet cupcakes btw
Oops! Thanks!
Loved this jam! And your embroidery looks great too. Hopefully there's some more cheap jam next summer - for our sake, not so much for the farmers.