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Pirate Dreams

6th Anniversary Cake

Last Saturday, my boyfriend and I celebrated out 6th anniversary. Where there's a celebration, there's gonna be a cake.

Being so close to Valentine's Day, it's often difficult to think of different and unique present, card and cake ideas. Both of us consider our anniversary as the real celebration, with Valentine's being more of a warm up of sorts. Valentine's is another excuse to do something a little special for each other, but we both feel it's more of a Hallmark holiday. The 16th of Feb is that day that really means something to us, and in turn I try to save the special stuff for that day. We also don't really want to have to deal with two cakes to finish, either.

This year, having just got back from our holiday I didn't have a lot of time to brainstorm, nor had I had the chance to replenish my cupboard with groceries. I had to make do with what was on hand, so I raided the pantry and fridge for odds and ends to throw something together. I didn't have enough cream cheese for a cheesecake (his favourite), but enough for some cream cheese icing (his favourite icing). Red velvet cake was the next logical conclusion.

I've moved! You'll now find the rest of this post here at the brand new Cakecrumbs


This is just so simple and beautiful!
Thank you. :D
Love your recipe, as always. I really want to try this one! <3 :)
Thank you! It's hard to go wrong with this one. ;)
Do I need the white wine vinegar and the buttermilk? Can I leaf that out or exchange it with sth?
The vinegar can be substituted with lemon juice or any citrus/acidic juice. Buttermilk is easily made by adding a tablespoon of lemon juice or vinegar to a cup of milk and leaving it to stand for 15 minutes. I always use vinegar in the cake because I use lemon juice to make the buttermilk, but they are interchangeable.
You are such a great help. Thank you! <3
My pleasure. :]
I enjoyed it the next few days too! Thanks so much for making this for me and for our 6+ years together. I loved how the cake looked and the symbolism.

Pleasure is all mine. ♥