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Pirate Dreams

Angel Pear Gateau

Every year when Father's Day rolls around, I often find myself looking to reinvent my family's favourite mudcake recipe, as mudcake is my dad's favourite cake. While my family are more than content to keep demolishing their favourites, I get bored of repetition and am often looking for new skills to learn. So this year, I started trying to come up with something out of the ordinary. Given how picky my dad is, this is a harder task than usual. If it's not mudcake, his next favourite is a fruit cake, but almost no one else in my household likes fruit cake.

I found a middle ground to strike. Pears are one of my dad's favourite fruits. Like me, he prefers them really soft. Our perfect pear is what others feel is overripe. A cake involving poached pears was going to be a hit.

I've moved! You'll now find the rest of this post here at the brand new Cakecrumbs


A very elegant, homely and delicious cake. All the elements worked well together and it looked very impressive.
Thank you. :D Will have to find more excuses to make spun sugar. ;)
You certainly know how to make a cake with the wow factor! I am a big fan of your spun sugar creations too. The way you do it is not too crafted but not too rustic either, if that makes sense. How did it taste?
Thanks so much. :D It tasted quite nice. Madeira is typically a bit dry of a cake for my liking, but the pear helps. I gave some to my boyfriend to take home and they heated it up and had it with ice cream - that sounds perfect to me!