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Pirate Dreams

Cookie Monster Cupcakes

There are some things you never get too old to enjoy. The Cookie Monster is definitely pretty high up on that list. Be it nostalgia or just a love for the kooky blue guy, everyone seems to love him.

These cupcakes were a commission from my sister for her friend's birthday. My sister had been almost begging me for months to make these for her friend, but I kept saying it would depend on my research commitments as to whether I would have time. When my trapping schedule got delayed by a week, I found the time to fill the order, much to my sister's excitement.

There are a thousand versions of this guy in cupcake form. This is mine. 

I've moved! You'll now find the rest of this post here at the brand new Cakecrumbs


Who cannot love Cookie Monster!! Yay, the old school way. Awesome cupcakes!! Had me drooling.
Thank you!
Love these guys! Are the tops of the cupcakes flat, so the entire dome on top is icing?
The top two thirds of the dome are icing, but the cupcakes are raised over the patty pans and the icing is smoothed around the cake (if that makes sense). I actually had a bit of a disaster with the cupcakes and they had epic muffin top going on, so I had to carve them. You can see it in the second pic.
I see. :3 You can't tell in the finished product, so nice work!
I bet they were great!

And PS: Who cannot love the Cookie Monster :D
Thanks so much! ♥


HAHAHAHA. *dying*
Haha. Naaw. You know, I heard the original song for the first time at the coffee shop at Uni. I had no idea what it sounded like until then. Then the coffee guy showed me the bogan version of the song. Died again.
Omg do you have a link? Bogan version sounds amazing. I actually like the original too - its cute.