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Pirate Dreams

Cook Book Challenge: Week 22

Unlike last week, I was really looking forward to delving into this week's cook book. Second on the list is Stephanie Alexander's "Kitchen Garden Companion".

This is a really neat book. The book deviates from the usual entrée/main/dessert structure of cookbooks. Instead, it works its way alphabetically through a list of garden ingredients: herbs, spices, fruit and vegetables. The header of each recipe features the name of the ingredient that starts in the dish. Not only is it unique, but I find it really handy for when you have something you need to use up, but can't think of a good use for it.

I've moved! You'll now find the rest of this post here at the brand new Cakecrumbs


I never mind helping you finish your yummy meals! All 3 courses were great. I'm a sucker for desserts though, and the crumble was delicious and had a great balance of the nice crumble and the juicy fruit. The sorbet was probably one of the freshest tasting I've heard had.
I realised when writing out the recipe I forgot to add the sugar to the fruit. It didn't miss it too much in the end, though might have balanced the bitterness a bit better.
Here via the bakebakebake community. That lamb curry looks absolutely delicious. I'll have to wait until I have a little extra spending money before splurging on the recipe, but I'm definitely bookmarking this page because of it. Thanks for sharing!
Thank you for dropping by. :) It's definitely one of those for-special-occasion meats. My parents always tell me about how lamb was the cheap meat when they were growing up. I wish that were still the case! It's my favourite meat.