June 18th, 2013

Pirate Dreams

Moving Home

I'm sorry to announce that I'm leaving LiveJournal.

It's something I've felt increasing pressure to do and have been mulling over for some time. LJ simply does not have the functionality I need. Everything is made laborious and unnecessarily cumbersome. Even dealing with the mass amounts of spam I'm receiving (some posts have over 100 spam comments) is the most ridiculous process. It doesn't support a huge amount of features and is incompatible with embedding just about everything. It's difficult and unintuitive for readers who aren't LJ members to use and follow along. LJ get to profit off the traffic I am driving to my blog, but don't allow me to monetise my own hard work.

All this I've looked past due to the fact that LJ is my home and has been under various accounts since 2005. But back then, LJ was a thriving community with staff who cared about its customers. It was a promising, functional site. These days, every time I see an update on LJ's Facebook page it's to apologise for more service downtime. Admittedly, my time working with LJ Media last year has soured my taste for the company. LJ appear determined to focus on their Russian market, giving minimal attention to the 'American' market. They don't even bother to update the features and polls on their own home page any more.

I've been defending LJ against its detractors as its reputation plummeted. I kept telling myself it would sort its shit out. That it would be like the old days again.

LJ is fine for social networking. But as a blogging host it's simply not good enough. I need something that's going to be reliable, not be down every week when I'm trying to update ro someone is trying to grab a recipe of mine. I don't want to leave, but if I want to give my blog the opportunity to grow into something beyond what it is then I have to make the jump. I feel like it has to be now or never.

So I want to take the time to thank those of you who've stuck by LJ and stuck by me over the last 3 years. I'm sorry to be abandoning you amazing, loyal people who always read every post and comment and tell me excitedly when you've made something and it's worked out. You guys have made this journey fun.

My blog will now be hosted at cakecrumbs.me if you wish to find me.

I'm not deleting this LJ but it won't receive any new content. My Facebook, deviantART, Tumblr and Twitter will keep giving updates as they always have been.