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Pirate Dreams

Jungle Birthday Cake

After I did the charity cake for my boyfriend's work, I got a sudden spark of interest in purchasing some baked goods off of me. One of his co-workers had his son's birthday in two days and wanted to know if I could do it. Because I'm crazy and clearly am not busy enough, I said yes.

The brief was for a small cake for 5 or 6 people with jungle animals.

The first time I did fondant figures, and the last time I got to do big cats, was for my 21st Birthday, so I was delighted to have that chance again.

Attending the jungle party we have a lion:

An elephant:

A tiger:

And a zebra:

It was my first time trying the elephant and the zebra, so I need some practise there. But they were lots of fun.

My cake decorating philosophy is to make front-less cakes. I detest cakes that are to be viewed from a certain angle and as such the details at the back are 'skimpy'. Having a designated front should only be done for artistic purposes, not so you can spend less effort on the other sides. So, like most of my decorated cakes, the cake is designed to be viewed from all sides.

Inside was an orange cake layered with cream, then crumb coated with a thin layer of chocolate buttercream. It had literally been years since I'd made an orange cake, and my housemates were drooling at the smell of it when it came out of the oven -- myself included! Unfortunately I don't have photos of the inside to share with you. But I was told by the customers that it was delicious, so I will have to revisit the recipe and share with you.



Not sure why lj isn't let me sign in, but another impressive cake Rhi! I loved seeing everyone gathered around it at work, checking out your work. ;)
I'm guessing this is Cam? :P

Is it still signed into mine or something?
this cake makes me want to marry you. It's beautiful!
Haha! Deal. We can totally have a jungle cake for our wedding!

But seriously, that has to be one of the highest compliments possible. :) Thanks for the kind words.
Seriously though, seeing your cakes inspires me to get back into it. I got out of practice with this stuff when I had ankle surgery and never got back into it. I think I'm gonna try to make a similar cake this weekend to see how it goes! :)
That's so awesome. I'm glad I could give you some inspiration - sometimes I get a bit meh with it all and it can take seeing someone elses work to make me motivated again, so I know how you feel. I'd love to see how you go with it, if you don't mind?

You can have all my mojo, haha. I just spent two days doing a second jungle cake/cupcake order and now the last think I wanna think about is making a cake!
Thanks for following along! I appreciate it. :)

Jungle Birthday Cake

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